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Announcing collaboration with wlan slovenija

April 22, 2015 Josh King

The Commotion project is pleased to announce our collaboration with wlan slovenija!

Do-it-yourself antennas for Community Networks

November 05, 2014 Andy Gunn

For people around the world planning or building wireless networks, the cost and accessibility of the equipment can often be a challenge. There are usually a few models of wireless routers, but they are generally for home or office use, and not intended to be mounted outdoors. In addition, most router antennas are designed to connect with nearby devices, within 100 meters or less.

Mesh Bukavu - Designing a network from scratch

October 27, 2014 Andy Gunn

The Open Technology Institute recently discussed options for community wireless networks with Free Press Unlimited – a NGO based in the Netherlands that works on press freedom issues around the world. Their response was to organize a workshop with interested individuals in the town of Bukavu, a town on the eastern border of the Democratic Republic of Congo. The report on the workshop below is a guest post from Pepijn Kalis – an organizer with Free Press Unlimited based in the Democratic Republic of Congo. It discusses the first steps towards building a community-owned and run network.

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