Announcing collaboration with wlan slovenija

2015-4-22 / Josh King

The Commotion project is pleased to announce our collaboration with wlan slovenija!

Wlan slovenija is an initiative to build an open wireless network throughout the country of Slovenia. Commotion and wlan slovenija share common goals around the proliferation of free access to information through the empowerment of individuals and communities. We’re proud to further those goals through work to bring wlan slovenija’s amazing Nodwatcher platform to users of Commotion.

Nodewatcher is an open-source, web-based tool for planning, deploying, monitoring, and maintaining community networks. Its modular system provides these capabilities in a way that is specifically designed for a community-oriented approach, and by adding support for Commotion to Nodewatcher we’ll be able to utilize the strengths of both projects to bring the best possible set of tools to communities for building their own infrastructure.

To learn more about wlan slovenija, visit their website, look at their Nodewatcher project page, or view their live Nodewatcher dashboard.