Report a Bug

When to report a bug

Verify what you found is actually a bug

When you experience a bug you should search the mailing list archives to see if someone has experienced the same issue you have come across. Many times what seems like a bug may be an opportunity for a feature that our development team has not thought of yet. If you can’t decide if a issue is a bug or not, please submit it as a bug. The development community would like to know how it can make your experience better. We may not classify it as a bug internally until we are told that a behavior gets in the way of your use of the software.

How to report a bug

Bug reports are vital to the Commotion development process. The back-and-forth that accompanies a bug report allows the Commotion team to capture vital observations about the platform’s behavior in the field. These conversation allows the developers to improve their understanding of unexpected behavior so they can address it.

The aim of these conversations is to gather as much information as possible. Below is a short list of questions that will help developers recreate your experience in our laboratory.

Email your bug report to: support at commotionwireless dot net

Please include the following information to make your bug report as useful as possible:

  • Your Name:
  • Your Email Address:
  • What type of bug is it?
    - Trivial (cosmetic problem)
    - Minor (minor loss of function)
    - Major (major loss of function)
    - Critical (crashes, loss of data)
  • What were you doing on the device right before and when the error occurred?
  • Please describe what behavior you expected:
  • Please describe what behavior you experienced that you believe is wrong:

For general discussion on using the Commotion Wireless software, join the Commotion Discuss mailing list. For in-depth technical discussion or questions, or for discussing the development of the software, join the Commotion Dev mailing list.