Get Involved

Help Others

Interested in helping others get the most out of using Commotion tools? Our support process relies on dedicated people like you. Here are a few ways you can help:

  1. Join one of our email lists to stay in the know and respond when users need support:
    General Discussion List
    General Announcement List
    Developer List
  2. Participate in the Issue Queue for the projects that you're interested in. Find the open issues for each Commotion project on Github.
  3. Ask or answer questions in IRC:
    Our development team and user community actively use IRC to stay in contact. You can also join us on IRC in #commotion on the server

Suggest Changes and Report Bugs

We rely on user feedback to make Commotion better. If you have a feature request or suggestion for how to improve the software, send us feedback.
When you run into a problem with the software, report the bug so we can address it.

Contribute Content

Because this is a free software project that relies on a global community, you can contribute documentation to the project. We welcome new written documentation that helps users and developers understand the tools.

To make Commotion available as broadly as possible globally, we welcome translation contributions for our documentation and user interface in multiple languages. Find out more about localization of Commotion.

Contribute Code

Are you a developer working on Android, Windows, Apple iOS, Linux, or web applications? You can help by coding a specific Commotion tool, adding new features, or making development easier for others.

See Developer Resources for more information.

Promote the Project

Even if you’re not a programmer, you can still help the project grow by spreading the word among your community. Share our blog entries and encourage your friends to get involved and try out Commotion tools. Learn how to set up your own community network by reading our Get Started guide.