Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
 Cco_cmd_tStruct containing all the relevant information for a specific command
 Cco_iface_tFile descriptor, interface status (up or down), profile name, interface frequency struct, wpa control struct, wpa id, and a bool to indicare whether the interface is wireless or not
 Cco_olsrd_conf_hna_tHost network address settings, including family, address and netmask
 Cco_olsrd_conf_iface_tInterace configuration settings for OLSR, including interface name, mode and IPv4 broadcast message
 Cco_olsrd_conf_item_tKey and value for configuring OLSRd for Commotion
 Cco_olsrd_conf_plugin_tNumber of configuration items for OLSRd
 Cco_olsrd_process_tOLSRd process protocol