commotion-client Documentation

The Commotion Wireless desktop/laptop client.

To allow desktop clients to create, connect to, and configure Commotion wireless mesh networks.

This repository is in active development. IT DOES NOT WORK! Please look at the roadmap below to see where the project is currently at.

FUTURE Features:

  • A graphical user interface with:
  • A "setup wizard" for quickly creating/connecting to a Commotion mesh.
    • Mesh network advances settings configuration tools
  • Commotion mesh config customizer
  • Application system with:
    • Mesh network application viewer
    • Client application advertisement
  • Multiple user accounts with:
    • Seperate "Serval Keychains"
    • Custom Network & Application Settings
  • A status bar icon for selecting, connecting to, and disconnecting from ad-hoc networks
  • A robust extension system that allows for easy customization and extension of the core platform
  • Full string translation & internationalization support
  • Built in accessability support

Requirements: ( To run )

  • Python 3 or higher

Requirements: ( To build from source )

  • Python 3.3 or higher
  • cx_freeze (See: build/ for instructions)

Current Roadmap:

Version 1.0

  • Core application
    • Single application support
    • Cross-application instance messaging
    • Crash reporting
    • With PGP encryption to the Commotion Team
      • Crash Reporting Window
  • Main Window
  • Menu Bar
    • Automatically displays all core and user loaded extensions
  • Task Bar
  • Extension Manager
  • Messaging manager
    • Allow extensions to talk to commotion IPC client
      • CSM and Commotiond support
  • Core Extensions
    • Commotion Config File Editor
    • Setup Wizard (basic config walkthough)
    • Application Viewer
    • Application Advertiser
    • Welcome Page
  • Network Security Menu
  • Network Status overview
  • Setting menu
  • Core application settings
  • Extension settings menu
    • Settings for any extensions with custom settings pages
  • Control Panel settings menu
    • A client agnostic control panel tool for mesh-network settings in an operating systems generic control panel.
  • Linux Support
  • Commotion Human Interface Guidelines compliant interface
  • In-Line Documentation tranlation into developer API
  • User Settings Manager
    • un-encrypted user settings for network configuration

Version 2.0

  • Setting menu
  • User settings
  • Core Extensions
    • Network vizualizer
    • User Settings [applications]
    • User Settings [Serval & Security]
  • REMOVE Network Security Menu as it will be replaced with user settings
  • User Settings Manager
    • GPG Encrypted user settings
  • multi-user login/logout support

Version 3+.0

  • Windows Support
  • OSX Support